Moodle Training Workshop

Workshop 1 – The use of Moodle to teaching and learning

1. How to start using Moodle?

2. Moodle Page Layout

3. Enter a Course Page

4. Define the Course Settings

5. How to select a Course Format?

6. Define the Course Topics

7. How to start setting up the Introduction Section?

8. How to upload a course outline?

9. Seup a Q&A forum?

10. How to set up a folder link?

11. How to setup your first lesson?

12. How to upload a resource for learning?

13. Setting up a quiz for learning

14. Creating an assignment

Workshop 2 – Assessment and Analytics to enhance Teaching and Learning

1. Re-attempt quiz settings

2. Group and Grouping

3. Marking Guide

4. Gradebook

5. Moodle Reports