Moodle Course Setup

Select the course format.

There are four standard course formats for you to choose.

Go to Edit course setting > Course format.


Use blocks as common functions.

Resources upload.

Use of web links to external sites.

Make a simple web page using the Moodle built-in editor.

Use of YouTube embedded video.

Display file details.

Assignments, Choices and Quizzes

Design and deliver assignments.

Group Submission settings.

Feedback types and grade for assignments.

Create and edit questions

Set different group access to questions.

Smart use of the Choice tool(simple polls, collect presentation date, etc.)

Override quiz grades and reset attempts.

Use of Gradebook

Input grades and feedbacks.

Instant add an item to the gradebook.

How to export grades?

How to import grades?

By csv file

Paste from spreet

Collaboration Tools

How to submit a group assignment?

Use Wikis.

VeriGuide and Grades

Enable a VeriGuide assignment

View the Originality Report

Grade and add feedback on Assignment.

Use Annotation

Re-use of Course and Question Bank

How to save activities, resources and course data?

How to backup a course?

Restore a course to an existing course.

Import activities and resources from your previous courses.

Import previous question bank to current course.